Therapeutic Massage & Energy Work in Saratoga Springs, New York

Special Offer, Swedish Massage, Gemstone Therapy in Saratoga Springs, NY

At Turn A New Leaf Massage & Energy Work my holistic massage and energy work sessions aim to leave you feeling enlivened and balanced.  If you are stressed out, tense, in pain, or emotionally/mentally exhausted, contact me to schedule an appointment.


Taking appointments for women, men need a referral from a current client.



Sessions can be exclusive to or blend these techniques:

Gemstone  Therapy

• Prenatal Massage

• Swedish  Massage

• Shiatsu




A Personalized Experience
I take pride in my work being individualized and personal to each client.  If you suffer from chronic stress, pain or a specific condition, my passion and goal is to foster therapeutic change through the holistic methods of massage and energy work.  At Turn A New Leaf my melding of an array of techniques creates sessions that restore vitality and balance to make a significant difference in your well being and brings greater ease to day to day living.  

Gem Spotlight Treatment:

Spine Health

30 min. Session Features: 

• Poppy Jasper to Clear Negative Energies
 Citrine Relaxation Support for Localized Areas
Lavender Spine Therapy

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Proudly Serving: New York's Capital Region



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