Therapeutic Massage & Energy Work in Saratoga Springs, New York

Special Offer, Swedish Massage, Gemstone Therapy in Saratoga Springs, NY

At Turn A New Leaf Massage & Energy Work  the fusion of therapeutic massage and energy work will have you feeling enlivened and balanced.  

If you are stressed out, tense, in pain, or emotionally/mentally exhausted, schedule an appointment for much needed relief.


Sessions can be exclusive to or blend of click title for more information:

Gemstone Therapy

Prenatal Massage

Therapeutic Massage


Journey to Better Health and Wellness
Our world today is a busy stressful place.  Daily we juggle our livelihood, relationships and responsibilities.  Without balance and awareness of ourselves we can easily get out of touch with our body and emotions, leading to the manifestation of many forms of distress.  Anxiety, depression, headaches, insomnia, high blood pressure, IBS and pain; to name a few.

Get back in touch with YOU--turn a new leaf and feel whole again with massage and energy work as part of your self-care plan.  You'll feel the ease with which you can then navigate inevitable daily stress, keeping you on course to better health and wellness.


Gemstone Therapy




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