Specialty Sessions/Packages


Gemstone Therapy Trial

Three 60 min sessions for $155 ($100 savings)


To qualify for this one time offer, a specific, chronic physical condition or emotional issue needs to be identified by the client to be addressed using Gemstone Therapy as the primary method striving to create healing change.


Pregnancy Package

Three 60min Sessions for $240
(Gift Certificates Available)


Package includes a Pre-natal, Labor Prep and a Recovery Session aiming to reduce stress and physical discomforts during a woman’s progression through pregnancy and after delivery.

Pre-natal Session: Massage aims to emulate the nurturing and loving environment for a mother and baby to reduce stress as well as bring relief to common prenatal discomforts such as; back aches, edema, joint pain, leg cramps and fatigue.

Labor Prep Session: Scheduled near or past your due date to aid in beginning the process of labor.  This can include a mixture of techniques from massage, gemstone therapy, acupressure and guided meditation to help deeply relax the body and nervous system.

Recovery Session: In the weeks following delivery, this session helps to restore balance and harmony to the mind, body and spirit after the stress of birthing and adjustment to motherhood.

45 min Focus Sessions

Headache/Migraine Relief- $60
A blend of gemstone therapy, acupressure and massage are focused specifically on the head, neck and shoulders to relieve migraines, headaches or sinus congestion.


Back Pain Relief- $60
A blend of gemstone therapy, acupressure and massage are focused on relieving pain and discomfort anywhere in the upper, middle or lower back.

Stress Reducing Foot Massage- $60
Massage, reflexology and acupressure on the feet can provide a profound sense of relaxation, nurturing and balance throughout the entire body. This session is also ideal for clients who would like to receive the benefits of massage but feel most comfortable remaining clothed.

Dancer’s Massage- $50
Dance training can be a major stress on your muscles.  Ease your active body with massage, lessening muscle restrictions and decreasing susceptibility to injury. This reduced rate is offered to committed dance students and instructors.