Gemstone Therapy Tesitmony

Tedonitis in my left knee left me sidelined from running, dancing and made teaching fitness classes very uncomfortable.  I was looking for a solution to avoid taking painkillers and anti-inflammatory meds.  Erin suggested Gemstone Therapy as an alternative.  I was thrilled wih the results.  As each week progressed, I had less and less pain and was able to do more activities.  At the end of the therapy plan Erin had outlined, I was pain-free.  Erin gave me suggestions for continuing gem use as needed on my own.  Thanks Erin!



Ballston Lake, NY




Gemstone Therapy Testimony


Erin's Gemstone Therapy treatments are fantastic! I had been looking for a more holistic approach to managing my RA symptoms and I found it through Erin's extensive knowledge of gemstones and their healing properties. Not only did my pain level decrease, but I found myself more focused and energized after every treatment.


Menands, NY




Gemstone Therapy Testimony

I have to say I was very skeptical on what Gem Therapy was and really didn't think that a gem or as I refer to it as a "bead," could provide the results it does. WOW-you have to experience it to believe it.  It really works and is so much more intense than having a "plain old" massage.  I had injured my back last spring and started to work with Erin using Gem Therapy and the results were amazing.  It all started with my first appointment where I literally could not get on the table without assistance from her.  When she was done with the 1 hour Gem Therapy I could get up with no assistance and walk at least 50% better with much less pain.  We worked together the next 4 months or so, going once every two weeks.  On another visit, as Erin was massaging she hit a spot that gave me extreme pain in my lower back. Using one of her gems on a wand holding it over the spot for 3-5 minutes she then tried to massage it again and ABSOLUTELY no pain.  It was quite incredible and super amazing.  That is why I say you have to experience it because I for one would have never thought that little "bead" would have taken the pain away.  My back has never felt better.  In addition, I found that my stress level was different and it totally had nothing to do with life.  My whole well being is better.  I would strongly recommend you give her a try--ENJOY!


Malta, NY